Pi(e)ku Contest for Pi Day, 3-14 2014

Petaluma Pie Announces The Third Annual Pi Day Celebration

In celebration of Pi Day, 3-14, we are holding our Pi(e)ku contest online this year! In fact, this year the whole month is Pi Month, being March of 2014!

Winners will be announced on Pi Day, 3-14 at 3:14 PM. You may submit your pi-ku here using this form or in person in our shop. All entries must be received by 1:59 on 3-14!

Prizes will be awarded in Adult and Children categories:
First Prize: Apple Pie with the symbol Pi on it.
Second Prize: Petaluma Pie mug of your choice.
All participants will get a pi or pie themed button.
All prizes must be picked up in the shop by the end of the day of March 15th.

Sorry! The deadline of 3-14 1:59 pm has passed!